Exchange Policy

Online Orders – Product related arrangem­­ents:­

  1. There are no returns or exchanges allowed, except in cases where the merchandise is defective.
  2. Customers are unable to return or receive a refund for products that do not meet their personal preferences or expected results after use.
  3. If you experience any sensitivity, please discontinue use of the product. Please understand that all-natural ingredients carry a risk of sensitivity and we cannot guarantee that our products do not contain unknown allergens. For sensitive skin types, please review the full ingredient list on our website and conduct a patch test prior to use.
  4. If you happen to receive a faulty or incorrect item, please contact our Online Team via WhatsApp  within 5 days of receiving your order. Kindly provide your order number and a photo of the specific item in question.

For Hong Kong orders – you may be required to present your issue via whatsapp for inspection by our team before an exchange can be made or in certain occassion go back to the distributed retail store for the defective item(s) inspection.
For international orders – please WhatsApp us pictures of the according product for our record. Once it is acknowledged, a refund or an exchange of merchandise will be arranged. Please note that additional overseas courier fee or other related charges may occur.

We apologise for any inconvenience which may caused.

  1. Please be aware that if the product has been unsealed and clear indication of consumed usage, it will be considered that you have accepted the condition of the product, and Halto Major will not be responsible for any exchange.
  2. If there is any damage to the product during shipment, customers have to contact our customer service team and the courier for the damaged incidents and provide pictures for record within 24 hours upon parcel arrival.


網上購物 – 退貨或換貨安排

  1. 本公司除了有問題的商品外,不提供任何退貨或換貨服務。
  2. 客人如使用後未能符合個人喜好或未達到預期效果,恕無法辦理退貨及退款。
  3. 如有敏感情況請立即停用產品,請理解任何天然成份均有致敏風險,我們無法保證產品不含未知致敏源,敏感性膚質請先細閱網站全成份列表及進行局部皮膚測試。
  4. 如果您碰巧收到有問題或不正確的商品,請在收到您的訂單後 5 天內通過 WhatsApp 聯繫我們的在線團隊。 請提供您的訂單號和相關商品的照片。若顧客收到錯誤貨品,本公司會安排換貨或退貨,所有運費將由本公司承擔。

香港訂單 – 在進行換貨之前,我們可能需要您透過 WhatsApp 將您的問題展示給我們的團隊進行檢查,或在某些情況下,您需要親自前往銷售商店檢查有問題的商品。。
海外訂單 – 請透過 WhatsApp 將問題產品的圖片傳送給我們的同事進行檢驗。經確認後,我們將提供退貨或換貨服務。如客人需要我們重新寄出產品,可能需要支付郵費或其他相關費用。不便之處,敬請原諒。

  1. 敬請注意,若產品已開封並使用,則代表閣下已接受產品品質,本公司將不會接受任何退換申請。
  2. 如若貨物於運送途中有任何損毀,客戶必須於收到包裹的24小時內通知客服及運輸方,並提供清晰照片作記錄及處理,逾時恕不受理。如於收件時外盒有明顯損壞及滲漏情況,請客人拒絕簽收貨件並退回予運輸商。

*Halto Major 將保留最終決定權。條款及細則以英文版本為最終訂案及標準。

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