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HALTO MAJOR  offers products with Copper Peptides. Copper Peptides are compounds that have been shown to have anti-aging and skin-healing properties. These products aim to improve the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and scars. By incorporating copper peptides into their formulas, HALTO MAJOR is able to provide a highly effective solution for those looking to improve the overall health and appearance of their skin…

HALTO MAJOR 的產品含有極致豐富的藍銅胜肽。 藍銅胜肽是一種天然…

藍銅胜肽是一種天然化合物, 已被證實具有抗衰老和修復皮膚的特性。旨在改善細紋、皺紋和修復皮膚表層創傷癒合功能。通過在配方中加入藍銅性肽, HALTO MAJOR 能為改善皮膚整體健康提供高度有效的解決方案

Discover The Power of Copper Peptides with "The Moonbow Series"

Rejuvenate your skin and recharge your spirit with our restorative copper peptide skincare. Our unique formula nourishes and revitalizes, while also promoting a balanced and restful lifestyle. Discover the beauty of self-care and enjoy a new level of radiance with our unisex skincare line…

Halto Major 的藍銅胜肽護膚產品能滋養肌膚,讓你重拾青春美肌…

Halto Major 獨有的專利配方不僅能滋養和活化肌膚,更能幫助身心舒緩休息。快來探索肌膚自我呵護的旅程,讓我們的藍銅胜肽護膚系列,修護滋養你的肌膚達致水潤光滑

Blue Moon Light reflect on couple model face

Moonbow, an ethereal sight
A bridge between day and night
A rainbow formed by moonlight
Its colors soft and misty white

It dances in the sky so high
A magical display up on high
With hues of silver, blue, and gold
Its beauty, to young and old

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